Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My Manila Trip

Almost two years ago, when I was in an English Composition class, the professor gave an assignment to write about a place that the student has never been, but would like to travel to. I chose prophetic! The old story is in italics with new information in standard text.

The place I would like to travel to, but never have been, is Manila, Philippines. Ever since I joined the U.S. Navy, returning sailors have told me of this beautiful and unique Pacific Paradise. Using my imagination, I picture Manila Bay as if I had navigated its waters; a picturesque volcanic island covered with lush green vegetation...
and a protected harbor along the shoreline.
Wow! It is amazing how accurate my mind's eye saw what I had not yet seen.
Coming ashore, Jeepney drivers greet me and offer transport in refurbished Willis Jeeps. I was almost correct. Actually, the Jeepney looks purpose built to resemble a jeep. My guess is that the first of these were conversions.
These taxis are rolling works of art that display bright white, green, red, and silver paint. I observe Manila is a crowded city with millions of busy people vying for a ride to their destinations, or just walking along its streets. It is at this moment I become aware of its wonderful architecture, a combination of modern and old, Spanish influences...
mixed with the neoclassical of the U.S. Government.
Again, I was very close in my short description.
Lastly, the smell of fresh bake bread (Pandesal) and strong coffee capture my attention, making Manila a truly magical place. Yes, it truly is!