Friday, September 12, 2008

Retired Pawn II v. Retired Pawn...Showdown on Pennsylvania Ave.

Let me start by saying that my son (Retired Pawn II) dislikes playing chess! It is my opinion that this dislike has its roots in the fact that he struggles when playing against his Papa. I never meant for it to be a chore, only a fun thing between father and son...something we would have for our entire lives. If I had to guess, I would say that it harms his self-esteem when he loses and the pain of feeling inferior is what keeps him from enjoy our time together. This is only my opinion.

Nevertheless, not long ago he challenged me to a game. I don't know why my son found it necessary to play that day. Perhaps he just beat all of his friends and was looking for stiffer competition. Maybe he ate a box of Wheaties and found new confidence. I may never know the why, but play he did! Retired Pawn II didn't start out timid either. No, sir! He was talking trash while setting up the White pieces.

In this position, as Black, I made a simple draw by repetition. The real reason is obvious....I like our time together and want to encourage my son to play more often. However, he did play rather well. I may have a passed b pawn, but I also have the weakness of three pawn islands...a direct result of my son's play!

How does Black proceed from here?

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What is up with the Retired Pawn?

"How come you don't post any longer?" I hear it all the time from folks who follow my postings. Once upon a time, I would post many times a month. These posting covered subjects concerning my life in retirement, chess, and my amusement park outings. I loved to post about trains and my hometown in Dansville, NY. I never started this blog with the idea that it would be just about chess and my quest for tactical proficiency. No, that came later as I strove to improve my chess play. Once the blog became one dimensional, it began to become hard to post good articles. Couple that with the demands of my degree program and you get one post a month saying I am sorry for the lack of content. Just to be clear, I have no intentions of quiting my quest with the Knights Errant, nor am I quiting my blog. I ask for understanding and support while I work on personal life and my degree program.