Wednesday, October 29, 2008 you get stronger at chess

When I first began my quest to improve my play through tactics, I had quite a few people willing to play the game with me. These people would come to my house for dinner and we would enjoy a game or two with our drinks. Of course this was not just one way, as they always returned the favor.

Fast forward to today. I sit here writing this piece wondering when is the last time I had company for chess? When was the last invite? My gut tells me it was before last Christmas. I do remember it was at one of my chess playing buddies home. His wife was playing the appletini variation while my friend was hopelessly lost as black in the Philidor. That was the last friend to play me.

How did this happen? When you start playing chess you are unfamiliar with the game and no clear plan for winning; therefore, most of your friends do not mind a game with you. Your chess playing friends stand a good chance of winning while you are in this state, but as you get stronger at chess through studying tactic, as well as other facets of the game, your friends stop playing you. It was fun for them when they could crush you, however, now you are crushing them, even after three appletinis, the fun is no longer there.

The only games I get between tournaments is from playchess. I go to the cafe room and find guests to play. This gives me games against strong and weak players, which provides excellent training. You have to play each and every one with the strongest game possible. No tricks or you will be crushed! It is a shame it works out this way, but there is hope someone will stop by after a year and engage me in a battle of chess armies.