Monday, September 27, 2010

Getting Restless...Time to Plan Some Train Travel

It's late September and only my second post of the year. Honestly, I haven't been playing chess or doing much of anything except my homework from the management courses and household chores. What a boring life! However, I am planning a small train trip from Kansas City, Missouri, to Los Angeles, California, to add some excitement to my daily routine. What a pity I didn't get a chance to ride the original ATSF Super Chief. Now that was a train to remember. It had all private rooms, meaning it was first class travel only. All meals were made to order from fresh ingredients and served on china plates in the diner car. As for me, I get a substitute from The National Rail Corporation, AKA Amtrak, that carries the name Southwest Chief. There will be no china plates and the meals will have a different method of preparation. This train isn't all first class travel either, it has both private rooms and coach seating. I went with a small private roomette that is a sitting room by day and a bedroom at night. All the meals are included in the price of the fare, which is good because I will be riding for over 37 hours and one must eat. Train travel is relaxing to me. You spend your time in lounge car sight seeing or enjoying an adult beverage. Also there is the aforementioned meals where you meet new people and enjoy a nice conversation. Of course, you can retreat to your room and read a book or have a quick shower. So I must get busy with my plans and book early to get the best fare.

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