Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Improving the Mansion

What was desperately necessary at the mansion this year was a replacement for the old stair way out the back door. It was rotting and falling apart. So with the help of a quite a few dollars , I hired a construction crew to build me a nice new cedar deck. To tell the truth, it was a bit of an over kill because it has half the square footage of the house, but the design ties the back of the house together nicely.

After adding the stain it really catches the eye or as they say in design class "It pops". I always laugh at that term. What ever happened to the words "groovy" or "far out"? Yeah, I am so old!

Anyway, my neighbor dropped by yesterday to enjoy the deck and we spend about an hour laying about it. Now let me tell you, my neighbor is one cool cat!

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